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Friday, January 3, 2014


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Long time, no post. These past two months may have been the busiest in my existence. Between improv, the holidays and traveling I have been here there and everywhere. Let’s hope I can keep up better in 2014.

During the winter months in Ohio I can always use a little pop of color on my face due to the dreariness and cold. Lately I have been craving some pretty berry lipstick. I love this shade because it is the right mix of purplish/pinkish tones, especially for my skin. I was in Target the other day going up and down the cosmetic isles trying to look for just the right shade, alas I left empty handed. I really need to test and try on before I can commit to making a purchase. Looks like this girl might be taking a little trip to Sephora in her near future. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Rock the sock







I love riding boots. I think they are wonderful and I own a fair share. The one thing I dislike about riding boots is the “will they fit my calf or not?” problem.  Ladies, you feel my pain? I know, first world problems. 

This is why the bootie is so grand (haha bootie, grand). You don’t have to deal with the dilemma of wondering if they will fit the old calf or not and it’s your choice on the sock situation. I rocked the bootie sans socks on Monday and today, as you can see, I am full on wearing socks.

You can try this look with jeans two ways, cuffed, like the pictures above or with a cropped jean or pant. The sock is going to be the main point of focus and will show more or less depending on the length of the jeans. I think it’s fun to pair the booties with a printed sock, the ones above have sushi on them. Bottom line, whatever the weather, the bootie will be there. Is that a sweet friendship or what? 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Booties with a Skirt

Sometimes I really get into the nitty gritty of an outfit. I over think it way too much and everything ends up not working. Then I remind myself that it’s just clothing, calm down nimrod. After I have this talk with myself things start gelling and a skirt like this will pop out and the rest becomes an outfit. 

Booties and skirts, skirts and booties. It works. Not that this is breaking news or anything but just saying. Ankle booties get weird with skirts when the legs are exposed so break it up and put on a pair of tights. We are getting in the cold temperatures (hello 35 degrees this morning). I love boots and skirts but the booties also allow warmth while not suffocating your entire leg. Here’s to dressing our best in the winter months to come. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bright Pants

Pants ; Booties





Whenever I get a new pair of shoes, as soon as I get home I take them out of the box and start figuring out what I can pair them with in my closet. These booties were no different. The thing I love about these shoes is that you are able to wear them with skirts, dresses, pants, etc. These pants stuck out to me during my closet raid and I knew I had found a match. 

When pairing booties with pants or jeans I have found that cuffing the jeans or cropped pants works best. It makes your legs (and ankles!) look long and slim. Plus the whole point of wearing booties is to give more attention to the ankles - so show them off! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Booties are the shoe this season and if you’re anything like me you just can’t stop adding to your never ending shoe collection. They are versatile however sometimes a little tricky to style. I bought these Mia Limited Edition booties a few months ago and thought it would be fun to showcase how to mix them into your wardrobe. Each day, for the rest of the week, I will be showing a different outfit (^sneak peek^) and how to work it around your booties. For now, think of me as your bootie (shoes) teacher, let the class begin. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Navy is the new Navy

I like Navy. It might be one of my favorite neutrals. Navy adds something to an outfit, compliments well with other colors and isn’t too dark. Maybe you’re wondering “Can navy and black be worn together?”. Well, the answer to this is yes, always, yes. As long as you mind your proportions, you can’t go wrong. For instance, in this outfit the dress is navy while the sweater and the boots are black. As long as the proportions are even, all is right with the world. Even in the case of brown and black. Yep that old rule is far, far out the window. I would also like to point out that I found this dress at Gap for $14. I was very happy.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Right on Target

Target is my one stop shop. I go there at least twice a week and end up leaving with way more than what was on my list. I walk in, head straight to the women’s clothing (Kenny to the watches) and then I make my way around the store from there. Clothing, the most important, is always first. I know every single person has the same problem. I call it the Target syndrome. Best syndrome around.

There are a few pieces I have passed the last few (thousand) times I have gone in but ended up buying the things I need instead of leaving with all the things I want. They call this maturity. The four items up above started as a want but now have formed into a need. Every girl needs some faux leather in her life, right? In fact, I might just go treat my self this afternoon. 

PS Those pants are cute AND comfortable. I know because I tried them on during my last T visit. Win win. 

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**This is not a sponsored post, just a love shout-out to Target’s clothing and a few pieces I like. All images are from Target’s website.